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To date Eric L. Ayala has amassed an impressive total of 39 Independent Film awards for his work. 


Since 2016, Ayala has served as a regional judge for the August Wilson Monologue Competition, sponsored by Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia.


In 2010 Eric Ayala was facilitating a writer’s conference in Atlanta, Georgia. One of the attendees was an educator who was impressed enough by his preparation and instruction that she asked him to write and direct the Black History month production for the student body of the Academy where she taught. He was then signed to pen the screenplay for the movie “Sunday Morning Rapture.” “Sunday Morning Rapture” premiered at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta in the latter part of 2011. In 2013 the film won the Best Feature award at the Capital City Black Film Festival (CCBFF) in Austin, Texas. “Sunday Morning Rapture” was released both nationally and internationally and can now be seen on Amazon Prime and Hulu. “Sunday Morning Rapture” was released both nationally and internationally and can now be seen on Amazon Prime and Hulu. 

The win at CCBFF cemented the next chapter in Ayala’s career and he went on to pen the award- winning screen play “…if I should die before I wake,” which was adapted from one of the twelve books he’s authored. The film version of “…if I should die before I wake” won 3rd place at the 2018 CCBFF.  CWP Entertainment Management secured a global distribution deal for “…if I should die before I wake” in 2020.

As a filmmaker, a novelist, and writer and director for the stage, Ayala rejects the notion of

being “pigeon holed” into a single art form.


ELA Productions


if I should die before I wake (Film)

Gehan Cooray was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He is an actor and producer, known for The Billionaire (2020), The Land of Oz (2015) and Popping the Question (2014). He is a classically trained baritone and had his Carnegie Hall debut in 2019.

Hollywood Digest - Mr. Cooray has deftly served up a one-of-a-kind film in The Billionaire.  He very cleverly and with much professional aplomb has taken a classic play and brought it to the screen with unbridled energy, a lively script that is well-served by his array of curious characters, most notably I felt, his Victor. We need more films like this one out there for audiences to enjoy. For a nearly two-hour entertaining and humorous cinematic sojourn, I recommend this film for all audiences, particularly women and the LGBT moviegoers.  I shall not be a “spoiler” and reveal the film’s ending.  The Billionaire would be perfect for select theaters, as well as premier cable channel(s) and streaming entertainment (Netflix) service.


The Billionaire Trailer


Gehan Cooray IMDB

Alex Avila, a native of Austin, Texas, is the Director of Tex-Mex Filmworks. He spent 25 years as a professional journalist, including 12 years as an award-winning NPR producer. 


In 1993, Alex co-founded and co-directed the Austin-based Chicano/Latino Film Forum, which brought together Latino filmmakers and audiences and was active until 1999. 


He has written several feature film screenplays, two of which have placed multiple times in

major screenwriting competitions. 


As writer/producer, Alex’s first feature, a Latino coming-of-age drama titled “Closer to

Bottom,” won “Best Texas Feature” at the Austin Indie Fest in 2017. 


“Vecinos: Love Thy Neighbor” is his second feature film as a producer and his first as a feature film director. It premiered in April of 2021 at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival where it won a “Remi Award.” It recently won an “Audience Award” at the 2021 Cine Las Americas International Film Festival.


He is also officially in development with his third feature film project, a psychological thriller based on an award-winning original screenplay titled “Cerebral” that he wrote.




Alex Avila IMDB

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David Garcia, Jr., is an entertainment lawyer in San Antonio, Texas who is also a writer/producer of various film and TV projects. He is the writer/producer of Freedom River: The Texas Underground Railroad, a story about a part of Texas history which involves the dramatic intersection between slavery and non-violent insurrection. His self-penned scripts include Space Shield Down, a techno-thriller feature screenplay, Mr. Fixit, a cable TV series set in the sports industry, and Fausto, a Latino dark comedy screenplay about selling out to the devil. He is also the founder and brand strategy officer of an Intellectual Property startup designed to explore the commercial possibilities of Mesoamerican iconography taken to the present and beyond via storytelling in transmedia formats of all types from short-form animation to feature length feature films. His clients range from first-time directors and production companies to entertainment companies involved in various ventures, the founders of which rely on a lawyer’s discretion.


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Rebecca A. Wackler is a published playwright, SAG-AFTRA actress, and theatre director. For more than 35 years her work has taken her all over the United States and the world. 


She founded, Wackler Wellness, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, which is dedicated to elevating the lives of seniors.



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Eddie Levi Lee is an actor, director, and playwright.  As a writer, he has authored, or co-authored, more than thirty plays that have been produced in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dublin, Cape Town, and many other cities, in the U.S, and abroad. He is co-author of the screenplay for BLOOD ORGY OF THE CHAINSAW CHORUS line, which will be filmed, this winter.


Eddie Levi Lee IMDB

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